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St. Matthew AUMP Church, Havre de Grace, Maryland

Manley’s Chapel began circa 1880 as a family church and was housed in a much smaller building on its present location.  The church was named “Manley’s Chapel” after its pastor, Reverend Manley.  From 1820 to the 1900’s was a time of poverty, lack of education, and pursuance of cultural identity and economic equality.  There was also a lack of care for the aged and a great deal of concern about deteriorating race relations.  Negro churches were important meeting places at that time.

The African Union Methodist Protestant Church was an unincorporated association at that time and was unable to acquire or convey title to real estate.  Subsequently, it was incorporated on May 11, 1921 under the name of Manley Chapel African Union Methodist Protestant Church and incorporated among the records of Harford County.

Sometime later, due to the conditions of the building, the members voted to build a new church.  The then pastor, R.H. Jenkins, a carpenter by trade, built the present church. The church was dedicated on June 28, 1927 by Reverends J.W. Brown, J.H. Bell, S.C. Blackledge, and R.H. Jenkins and renamed Saint Matthew Memorial African Union Methodist Protestant Church

The growing St. Matthew Church struggled to maintain itself through this era of unrest into which it had been born, though its own debts and disasters made it difficult.  Financial records of the church tell of the struggle to pay mortgages and electricity.  The ladies, individually and collectively, raised money by having rallies, dinners, bake sales, and entertainments.  Special celebration days and the activities of all the members helped make the payment of financial obligations. The help of the community and other churches was a large factor of their success.

Currently, St. Matthew exists as an active, sustaining member of the African Union Methodist Protestant Church and Connection and the community.

What you are is God's gift to you, what you become is your gift to God

Pastors who have served

Rev. Manley                  1880

Rev. R.H. Jenkins          1927 – 1930

Rev. I.H. Miller             1930 – 1935

Rev. J.M. Stephens        1935 – 1938

Rev. Hawkins                1938 – 1938

Rev. Eddie McNair        1938 – 1943

Rev. William Milburn   1943 – 1947

Rev. Samuel Thompson   1947 – 1948

Rev. O. Washington      1948 – 1948

Rev. George A. Mitchell          1948 – 1948

Rev. George A. Mitchell           1948 – 1949

Rev. Prince Hamilton    1949 – 1950

Rev. James Bishop        1950 – 1956

Rev. A.T. Russell          1956 – 1956

Rev. John Hampton       1956 – 1957

Rev. Robert E. Seals      1957 – 1959

Rev. Calvin L. Jones     1959 – 1965

Rev. Paul I. Wright        1965 – 1967

Rev. Stanley L. Neal     1967 – 1983

Rev. Ruben Freeman     1983 – 1988

Rev. Dennis McGhee    1988 – 1991

Rev. Blanche L. Hallman1991 – 1997

Rev. Theodore Parker   1997 – 1999

Rev. Deborah V. Collins   1999 – 2010

Rev. Crystal P. Moultray  2010-

Church Leaders

Rev. Crystal Moultray
Lead Pastor
Evangelist Sylvia Harris
Church Evangelist
Sis. Marvis Hayward
Church Secretary
Mother Rosetta Jones
Mother of the Church

Follow His Word

Every happening, great and small, is a parable whereby God speaks to us, and the art of life is to get the message.